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First 30 seconds, fluent af, the snare gets alot of attention, it just sticks out a bit, i love the appregio around 1:10 it reminds me of matrix and csi so much for some reason, this has a nice melody to it but i feel bad if i did a review without giving anything to work on, i feel like the snare and the main melody lacks character, it feels slightly dull, which leaves the listener with a "i fee like it's missing something" you know?

keep it up! this is excellent concidering this is your second song, keep it up, i wanna check upcoming songs aswell.

- Panda

whoa, right off the bat i love the little glitch effects on in the beginning, the vocal gives it this eerie feeling, this is so epic, i got goosebumps mate, the guitar fits in perfectly with the beat, this should be a soundtrack in a movie or something, @5:20 oh shit :0 i'm listening this on a hefty sized subwoofer, this is truly epic, this definantly deserves more attention, i'd pay to have this on my phone, no negative feedback from me, i'm in love with this, keep it up! you've got talent.

- Pandasticality

Zoonotist responds:

Thank you for your review. :)

the first 10 seconds sound really eerie and spooky like, the drop, sir... just lemme....*gasms* i got a big ass subwoofer and here i am at 00:28AM playing this tune with it, my neighbours must love me, i love that saw bass, its so crispy and punchy and raw oh my god is it raw, that being a good thing i mean, although i love the bass it kinda overpowers other elements of the melody other than that i think it's an interesting tune, this is badass :D i gave a listen with my ATH-M50x aswell, other than the thing i already mentioned everything sounds well balanced, keep it up!

- Pandasticality

K-oztron responds:

Lmao thanks for reviewing :D

right off the bat, i love the 8-bit sounds with that reverb, oh that drop came in quick :) i love the drum samples, they have this grainy feel to them but they're still very clear, the 8-bit sounds blend in so well, that echo tho <3 at around 2:10 there's this awkward drum rythm but it still blends in so well, no negative feedback to give, sry, i love this :>

- Pandasticality

5TanLey responds:

k k thanks :) 2:10 that was supposed to be a change to 3/4

oh...my...god, i jizzed, my bass said wob wob B) this is a perfect loop, i love how the bass sounds, it's simple yet very effective, nice.

- Pandasticality

Hey, Sorry it took some time for me to get to this review, lets get down to it shall we.
for some reason the synth brings christmas dinner in mind heh, nice and cheery, a little repeative, try experimenting with a continuous melody, i love the drums, crisp to da MAXIMUM, all the sounds are really clear and crisp, such a nice cheery tune, for some reason i imagine this as the soundtrack in the background as i play minecraft, the drop could use a little bit of an impact or something since there is a couple rising parts, nice chill tune n__n keep it up man.

- Pandasticality

what an interesting tune, the drum and the bass go so well together, love the combination, the synth flows well with the other sounds also, sweet tune, no negative feedback to give, sry mate :)

- Pandasticality

interesting tune, id love to play this on ITG(dance game) or Stepmania :D the synths are interesting, it does get a little repeative after a while tho, but other than that its a pretty cool song, that synth is awesome :D nice tune mate.

- Pandasticality

the synth is so crisp, im listening to this with my subwoofer, the flow is really nice, the drop at 1:41 feels a little anticlimactic but other than that this feels really atmospheric, the deeper kick is so crisp i love that, great tune once again, the last drop at 4:13 flows so well with the synth pattern, great job once again fellow finnish man.

a user called Daxter250 came and linked your songs to me on my "i review everything" post.
just felt like giving credit when credit is due.

- Pandasticality / Pandabae

ZuneInc responds:

thanks Pandasticality! all reviews are welcome and i really appreciate it:) im gonna be doing a lot more music during this summer so stay tuned:P this song is almost 10 years old, but to me, its one of the greats in terms of melody! seems i own one for daxter for getting me some exposure;)

the synth is great, again with the piano <3 theres something about the drums that feel too soft for me but i take it; it was intended that way so the synth would be hearable, big up for the effects on the synth sounds so crisp, only thing sticking out for me is the drums, im just not feeling it, everything else feels pretty good, great tune.

- Pandasticality

ZuneInc responds:

yea the drums are pretty much the biggest flaw in this but its quite old and theres a newer although shorter remix of this in soundcloud;)

im 24yo im about 180cm, i live in Helsinki and i produce music, im highly interested in improving my music production skills, i love getting to know new people, specially if they offer me donuts, you should probably go get some donuts bro, im hungry.

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